Current Projects

School For Special children

In October 2010, RIDA Foundation established "SAARTHI School for Special Children" to provide academic, vocational, medical and psychological support to exceptional children, and works with a wide range of disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Learning Disability, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, and speech disorders.

SAARTHI is all about strong conviction and social values. It is a brief compilation of the spirit and endeavour of individuals wholly committed to keeping this flame of conviction and values alive through SAARTHI, the centre for exceptional children. It is the story of those young, innocent lives who have been provided with a new meaning for their existence and a capacity for facing life within their capabilities without the fear of discrimination and ridicule. And most of all, this presentation is a tribute to the handful of dedicated individuals who share a common vision of seeking a better world for these lesser-gifted children, with their untiring work, love, compassion, and infinite patience.

Charitable Medical Centers

RIDA Foundation has been running two charitable polyclinics comprising of the dental facility, eye care, and pathology since 2012. At each location in Kurla and Saki Naka, general and specialist O.P.D facilities are provided at very nominal charges of Rs 15/- per day with medicines. Every year almost 5000 to 6000 patients benefit through our medical centres.

Surrounding the polyclinic is an area with a slum population of approx. 1.1 million (courtesy Times of India: - Kurla-Ghatkopar belt is the king of Slumbai), which has no easy access to adequate and affordable medical facilities. As part of its endeavor to uplift the health standard of the underprivileged and needy slum dwellers through holistic medical services, SIDRA Medical Center, Kurla, and LifeCare Charitable Clinic, SakiNaka provide outpatient services of consultants from specialities of Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Skin at a nominal charge.

Family Under Care

Since its inception, RIDA Foundation has joined hands with medical institutes such as Central Hospital, INFY Eye & Dental Care, AMAL Therapy Center, and VCare Diagnostic Center in Mumbai to provide free/subsidized healthcare services to the needy and eligible people. Under a unique program known as "Family Under Care", over a hundred registered deserving families receive medical, diagnostic, and surgical services, including procedures like Orthopedic surgery, maternity, and cataract surgery.

RIDA Foundation is working with other hospitals and medical centres to achieve its ambitious goal of reaching additional one thousand families under its flagship program by 2020 and laying a foundation for a sustainable and inclusive partnership.

Mobile Health Clinic

To reach desperate families who struggle every day with poverty and lack of health care in Mumbai's overcrowded slums, RIDA Foundation, India has launched a mobile clinic program to provide critical on-site medical services and affordable medicines in the slums of Mumbai such as Mankhurd, Govandi, Wadala, Mumbra, Khar, Malad, and Kurla. The fully-equipped mobile medical van is staffed with a doctor, pharmacy assistant, and driver so that the immediate health care needs of the slum dwellers can be assessed and treated, and proper referrals can be made when necessary.

Free Medical Camps

Medical and Health care facilities are still a dream for a majority of slum dwellers in Mumbai. RIDA organizes regular health camps in identified slum localities of Mumbai suburbs.

The objective of organizing such medical camps is to bring healthcare facilities to the economically marginalized sections of society. RIDA has been organizing health camps as per the requirements in identified areas.

The areas served by us are mostly inaccessible and are deprived of the basic amenities required in life. These areas are plagued by poverty, illiteracy and are under development.

Every year, RIDA Foundation conducts free health camps in remote, impoverished areas. All treatment and medicines are given free of charge. Patients are also screened for serious diseases and referred to partner hospitals for further treatment when necessary. With continued and additional support from various partners, RIDA Foundation hopes to break new grounds and make healthcare a much bigger reality for the slum dwellers and villages of Maharashtra.

Cancer-Aid Project

One of our unique initiatives is launching the Cancer-Aid project partnering with Corporates under their CSR initiative to provide financial assistance to the needy cancer patients for their treatment and purchase of medicines.

Another focus of this initiative is to identify and care for patients with chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension and provide them with a continuous supply of free medicines.

The goal is for early detection of these diseases and to save lives with awareness, early checkups, detection, and possible cure. The chances of survival are 90% if detected in the early stages of the disease with an increased life expectancy of about 10 to 20 years and, in some cases, a total cure. Looking into this aspect – the RIDA Foundation Cancer-Aid project was started in 2015 with the wholehearted support of partners like Octaware Technologies Ltd.

Women Empowerment

One of the first projects that the RIDA Foundation started was Marriage Support under Women Empowerment Program. Due to unimaginable poverty, countless families in India are unable to get their young daughters and sisters married. RIDA Foundation supports parents in these difficult situations by providing them with basic necessary items, including dresses, utensils, bedding and household items, etc.

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